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 Post subject: Ballet Girls
PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:23 pm 
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Tiril Ramberg has been cast as a ballet girl in the Norwegian production:

English Translation:

Direct from Slegghaugan to the National Theatre in Oslo. It is the way of Tiril Ramberg (12) from Røros, which has been the role in the musical Billy Elliot in the fall.

Oslo one weekend in March: There are auditioning for roles in the musical Billy Elliot, which set up the People's Theatre a half years into the future.

Tiril Ramberg and dad Magne Emil Brink of Røros is there. Ballet Dancing Tiril (12) going through the first hurdle when 1,000 young hopefuls narrowed down to 100 Sunday met the four hour dance rehearsal, singing and samples. When the 100 was half, and half of it left, Tiril continued.

- We did not know the final result when Dad and I sat in the car and drove home, but then we got an email where my participant number 308 was among the 20 girls who were chosen to participate, telling Tiril.

- What did you do?

- I could not sit quiet in the car and was so happy that it really is possible!

This fall is thus the father and daughter commutes to Oslo as soon Elden is completed, while mom and little brothers are back at home.

First up for London
The musical Billy Elliot is the story of the young boy from northern England who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In 2000, the film Billy Elliot, and in 2005, the musical, with music by Elton John, premiere in London - where it still runs.

When set up in Oslo, it is the first city in Europe after London. Premiere of Folk theater is on September 18th.

- What's it all about?

- The main character is Billy boy, perhaps a little differently than other boys in the neighborhood, tells Tiril.

Billy, who is played by Kevin Haugan the People Theatre, growing up in a mining community in the north of England during the great miners' strike. With father as a driver goes Billy on boxing.

- But he dreams more about dance, and he will eventually adds Tiril.

Even she has been in Elden six times, the seventh being in the summer. She also scenerfaring from several productions of Putti Plutti Pot and Curry Turkey.

Local culture gets the credit
- It was well Elden who lit theater interest of Tiril. She has been with for six years now. Therefore, she is also very pleased that rehearsals for Billy Elliot starts first 4 August so she has time to participate in this year too, says mother Linda Ramberg, like roses arts and local culture.

Tiril has been a student at the ballet school culture offers the Ina Kostova management for six years.

- Basically we looked at it that she could attend auditions as a positive experience in itself, without us really expected her to come into competition with many who have both private lessons and a great environment around them, admits Ramberg.

When they eventually realized that it could be rod in anyway, they had to think some thoughts around these to be combined with distance and schooling. And it does.

- We found that there is a great opportunity for a 12 year old to have this kind of experience. Also, it is incredibly amusing that "cultural" Røros can recruit to the larger scenes, emphasizing mother Linda Ramberg.

Travel Tiril
Tiril coach ballet, hip hop and gymnastics, playing piano and flute and sings in the choir. She is also a member of drilltroppen on Tynset and heading for the exercises there. In Billy Elliot is first and foremost ballet applicable.

- What's nice about ballet then?

- It is very fun! Before I thought that was so much fun, but I went anyway because I knew it would develop my skills. I'm happy now and think it was essential that I was chosen out now. I love to sing, dance and play, declares Tiril, and reveals that the dream is to become an actor.

- I'm probably a bit annoying for the surroundings in a while, for I sing all tia, she smiles, before she must put on enough warp to a ballet-time in arts direction.


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 Post subject: Re: Ballet Girls
PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:54 pm 
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Sunniva Sande (15) ... -1.8365367

Article basically states she's been dancing since she was 10 (currently 4 times a week) and would like to thank all her dance teachers.

 Post subject: Re: Ballet Girls
PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 1:57 pm 
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All the Ballet Girls' names have now been announced:

Here a table of the teams as a picture (from the Scenekvelder page):


In the first line : the three Debbies.
In the 3 bottom lines boys' names - Tall Boys, Small Boys, and ??? (No Thomas = no Michaels listed here ??)

(See also "coming to Norway" page 5)

Here's the table as .xml-file: ... sM4S0dyKkc

 Post subject: Re: Ballet Girls
PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2014 12:29 am 
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Just curious because I don't remember this coming up before. It seems that there is 2 swings in every team if I am counting correctly(1 Debbie, 10 bg's and 2swings) Is this how London and Australian were done? I would assume that this means they are going to use a full-set(Chicago/tour) or are they going to have drops like NY and London?


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